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Must Reads Of The Week: 5 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [22 June – 28 June]

Must Reads Of The Week: 5 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [22 June – 28 June]

We bring to you this week’s edition of must reads, articles you should not miss out on.

Humans Are Tech’s Next Big Thing

Humans have been the nucleus of technology as it always works around them and with its development humans are becoming a part of technology gradually. Internet companies make billions of dollars by capturing people’s attention. They use algorithms to curate content which users want to read, watch and see, but now they are moving to use humans to curate news, entertainment and content. Flipboard and Facebook’s Paper App use human curators and Apple and Twitter are following suit.

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The Internet That Was And Still Could Be

Back in 1990s when internet came into being it was believed that it was not enough for it to succeed, it must succeed inevitably but with a catch. Internet was thought to be the reason of changing people’s culture, values and opinions. The internet was unstoppable, but it would have been stopped by age-old inclinations and power structures. There has been a simple argument called ‘Argument from Architecture’ which makes people a cyber exceptionalist and cyber-utopianist. One can spend an entire an entire lifetime on the Internet and never feel its loam between their toes.

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What Startup Founders Really Want To Say To Investors

Fundraising process is the most dreaded and most loved activity at the same time. It takes longer than expected and often seems to be a game of who can bullshit who better. Only if the founders could be straightforward to potential investors. For instance ‘deck’ is just a powerpoint presentation with a trendy name. Not only this, founders have a lot going on while raising funds. Other things in their to-say list includes, I don’t understand a majority of the terminology, so please don’t ask me any questions about it and more.

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Life Is Short. Get Set Startup

Job Frustration has now become a common things. Even senior professionals are getting tired of their jobs and usually tell entrepreneurs that they wish they had the guts to leave their jobs and startup on their own but not the other way around. Professionals are often lured by perks of their job security and stability whereas none of this is not remotely possible as an entrepreneur. Professionals are left with all the remorse and resentment when they realise that they had an idea which turned into a business idea by someone.

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Are Disruption And Innovation Critical For A Startup?

Steve Jobs said Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower where it can be the biggest USP that any startup can bring to table and which can make it stand out from the crowd. Following which, innovation is no longer a choice but a necessity and offers a long-term sustainable advantage to a startup. All successful giants, Facebook, Apple and Google made their way by innovating and disruption. Disruption made them thrive and steal market share. Though, it’s no longer about just starting up with a disruptive idea since today’s dynamic startup scene an idea can become obsolete if not implemented upon soon.

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Mohit Asija

Inc42 Staff

Undergraduate at Ramjas College. Fitness enthusiast, Tech aficionado and a zealous writer.

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