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Must Reads Of The Week: 6 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [25 May – 30 May]

Must Reads Of The Week: 6 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [25 May – 30 May]

We bring to you this week’s must reads, your weekly resource of some of the curated articles from around the web.

Millennials Are Destroying Banks, And It’s The Banks’ Fault

After the 2009 credit crunch there has been a transition in people’s way of spending and saving. Most of it is now contributed by millennials, the generation which knows what to buy and what not, keeping businesses which sell such frivolous products out of business. This generation has entirely different life goals, and yet, financial institutions have yet to respond with the kinds of products needed to satiate them. There has been no innovation in financial products offered by banks. That said, these banks are more concerned with improving investment and advising. Millennials today reek of innovation where as traditional banks do not.

Read here for the full story.

Stalking Your Friends With Facebook Messenger

Facebook made its messenger a vital platform other than Whatsapp to keep in touch with

Facebook contacts, whose number you don’t possess or old school friends or people you just met without need of exchanging numbers. There is another feature embedded in the app is to share location with every message sent which can be misused to stalk them. The extension can give you access to location within a meter’s accuracy.

Read here to know more.

Why it’s time to stop hating Spotify

There are musician who would have lost on the face of earth if there wouldn’t have been spotify at the first place. Though the use has declined over time there are still bands which have direct revenue from the music streaming platform. This is a story of an independent artist who opens up about how much he has earned from the service and what it means to his band and why listeners should feel good about the shift to streaming consumption.

Read here for the full story.

Why Foodtech Startups who own the supply chain will win the race?

Foodtech startups are the next big thing after ecommerce, which have  gained tremendous popularity in recent times. These startups are of two kinds, startups which cook their own food and those who work on an aggregation model. On comparing between the two the aggregator foodtech startups seem to be on the lower side because they can’t cope up with late deliveries along with lack of consistency in the food. So, startups which are not dependent on other kitches will apparently have an edge.

Read here for the full story.

Everything About Inno Trek’s Journey Through Silicon Valley

Innotrek 2015 which was held from 11-17th May was appreciated by startup titans and concluded with a bang. The platform provided tech startups from India an opportunity to meet and grab the attention of global investors and visit top tech companies of the world. On their 7 day course they met various mentors and entrepreneurs. They met with sharpest minds of silicon valley as well as they got to tour Googleplex, Facebook and Linkedin Campuses.

Read here to know more about their action packed week at ‘Valley of Dreams’

Can Subscription Models Work For Ecommerce?

Subscription ecommerce is younger, it has only been around for 5 years. There is a huge potential for growth, however the companies need to ensure that there is value delivered but the question often arise that do these models really work? Packing items in a pretty box each month with a well-designed info card is nothing but a part of curation. Subscription models are unique because of this curation and also it saves consumers money even though there are loss leaders in the company where company gets huge margins as they can get sample for free as well.

Read here to know more.


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