Meet The 19 Startups Selected For The Summer 2018 Accelerator Cohort Of Axilor

Meet The 19 Startups Selected For The Summer 2018 Accelerator Cohort Of Axilor

Meet The 19 Startups Selected For The Summer 2018 Accelerator Cohort Of Axilor

The Cohort Includes Startups From Sectors Such As Consumer, Deeptech, Enterprise, Fintech And Healthtech

Bengaluru-based early-stage venture capital company and accelerator Axilor has announced the list of startups selected for its summer 2018 accelerator cohort. The new accelerator programme comprises of 19 startups who have joined the programme in April and will be graduating by the end of July 2018.

This is the seventh cohort of Axilor and is the first to receive upfront funding as a part of the programme.

Ganapathy Venugopal, Cofounder and CEO of Axilor Ventures said, “Contrary to popular perception on accelerator programmes being for very early stage startups, at Axilor, we continue to see category-leading startups wanting to be part of the program and improve their odds of success.”

The Axilor Accelerator Programme helps startups achieve three most important outcomes they require in early stages- growth, access, and capital. The programme will help in accelerating their growth 3X, add customers through access to Axilor’s large market network and will help in funding.

The accelerator programme is a 100-day programme and is the most sought-after programme for founders of early stage tech startups. The summer cohort of Axilor startup programme selected startups under five categories such as Consumer (3), Deep-tech (4), Enterprise (4), Fintech (4), and Healthtech (4).



Here Are The 19 Startups Selected For Axilor’s Summer Cohort 2018

Deep Tech

Dataturks: Founded in early 2018, by ex-Flipsters Mohan Gupta and Gajendra Dadheech, DataTurks is an online platform for teams to collaborate and annotate data for ML projects. The platform provides super intuitive UI with shortcuts and gamification to allow creation of datasets for NLP, Sentiment Analysis and Computer Vision in no time.  Hundreds of teams at startups and Ivy League universities like Stanford, MIT, UCPenn use DataTurks to build domain-specific ML datasets.

Datoin: Founded by Umar Shah, Rakshith Begane, Thamme Gowda and Monis Khan in 2016, Datoin is an enterprise automation platform which helps enterprises to automate their processes by leveraging enterprise’s data, artificial intelligence, and component-based engineering. It specifically focuses on artificial-intelligence driven business process automation and has 10 paying clients covering CPG, Marketing, and IT Services industries. Founded by Subhadeep Bhattacharyya and Souvik Das in 2016, enables large-scale chat & voice bot led automation.’s clients represent more than 50% of the Mutual funds’ AUM in India, with significant penetration in categories like life & general insurance, NBFC, healthcare, foreign aid & public health organizations. With a full suite of conversational commerce solutions and proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithms, enables deep deployments across channels for customers helping them automate online sales, customer service, and personalized re-engagement.

SwiftAce: SwiftAce was founded in 2017 by Siddhant Ujjain & Aakash N S with the objective of making cutting-edge AI accessible to Indian enterprises. Their flagship product FaceAuth is a suite of SDKs that make it really easy to incorporate facial recognition, spoof-attack detection and facial analytics into mobile and web applications. They are currently running pilots with customers in banking, insurance and other financial services.


SwitchOn: Founded by Aniruddha Banerjee and Avra Banerjee in 2017, SwitchOn uses Industrial IoT and Machine Learning to guarantee uptime, maximize asset utilization and improve operational efficiency. SwitchOn uses its industrial-grade sensors to create digital twins of equipment and processes, enabling plants to gain deeper insights into their operation. The major customers of SwitchOn are in sectors such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Oil & Gas. sources financial data and insights on private companies to investment firms, media houses and enterprises. It does this by mining data from hard-to-get-at silos including regulatory filings and stitching this information together with other public sources of data. Founded in 2017 by Vivek Durai and Sonia Pradhan (who previously ran Term, started with its flagship Enterprise Edition aimed at the venture community and has recently released a slew of products in early beta – the News Edition, the Market Edition and the Corporate Edition aimed at traditional financial data users.

Recotap: Founded by Ganesh Chithambalam and Bargava Subramanian in 2018, Impel Labs’ flagship product Recotap helps brands to engage their customers better. With AI-driven personalisation, brands can provide superior customer experience across devices. Their product is being used by industry leaders in Media, Pharma, Entertainment, Retail and EdTech.

Toolyt: Founded by Nizamudheen Valliyattu and Vidhya M in 2017, Toolyt is an intelligent personal assistant for field sales officers. Toolyt’s product can be automated with event and data-driven workflows to increase productivity by 10x. Toolyt is used by large enterprises including Fortune 500 companies across eight countries, in sectors ranging BFSI, Consumer, Pharma and Medical Devices, with team spread across India, South Korea, and Malaysia.


Winkl: Founded by Thakur Rahul Singh and Nikhil Kumar in 2017, Winkl is a mobile platform for content creators and bloggers. Their app enables creators across the world to generate their own websites and blogs in under a minute from their mobile and claims that more than 900 bloggers use their platform across categories like food, fashion, travel & lifestyle. The content on Winkl has been viewed by more than 1.3 lakh unique consumers and the creators on Winkl have a social reach of more than 3 Mn.

MentorMind: Founded by Megha Gajjala, Suhas Kaul, Michael Victor & Luvieen Alva in September 2017, MentorMind – an online platform, aims to help students & recent graduates increase their career readiness with real-time work experience by accessing virtual, expert-mentored internships, called “Menternships”. Based in Hyderabad, MentorMind has delivered to more than 2500 students and 40 companies across universities and industries.

Settlin: Founded by Sudhanshu and Ashish Srivastav, Settlin is a one stop platform for end-to-end real estate transactions, particularly in resale. It primarily generates, executes and validates buyer inspections using non-broker and non-sales locality experts. Settlin is live in Bangalore and has executed 6500+ visits for home buyers so far. In the last six months, the start-up has generated property sale worth $3.9 Mn (INR 27 Cr).


DiFin: Founded by Rohit Bhageria & Sachhin Garg in 2017, DiFin provides low interest education loans to students, job-market aspirants, and working professionals. DiFin’s loans are for vocational & skill training, coaching classes, executive courses and higher education in India and abroad. They endeavour to cater to the thin-file students, having no or limited credit history and are not well served through conventional banking channels. During the last seven months of operations, they have sanctioned loans to the tune of $4.5 Mn

Perilwise: Founded by Sunil Gopikrishna and Avinash Ramachandran in 2016, Perilwise is an online insurance platform providing B2B insurance solutions to small and medium sized companies. They leverage technology to provide tailor made policies, as well as after sales service (claims, endorsements etc.) in the form of a policy manager dashboard. They have 40+ clients across the country. Founded by Vivek AG & Veekshith C Rai in 2016, is a GST Enabled Finance Capital Management System that streamlines & automates the flow of funds/ capital across the organization while also enabling the finance team to track & control leakages in the Business. Businesses that have implemented have gone completely digital and paperless while ensuring 0% Cash leakage, 65% lesser Working Capital, 35% increase in Productivity and almost 8x increase in Process efficiency. is currently being used by over 50 businesses across 6 industries.

Payzello: Payzello is India’s first challenger banking platform. Its unique features include one minute account creation, a single debit, and credit card and an AI assistance, “Ello”, to manage and automate savings. Payzello also has features like Transfer,, Expensilizer, Pre budget which helps in receiving money without any banking details and an AI analyser to help smart spending and fund allocations, while keeping track of budgets.  In short, Payzello is a platform for smart, paperless and branchless banking for young tech savvy millennials.


ClinMD: Founded in 2017 by Sourav Choraria, Jayant Gosar, Rashmi and Sreyansh Choraria, ClinMD offers an integrated solution that helps digitally collect, transform and visualize systematically excluded unorganised healthcare information. With better data harnessing capabilities ClinMD empowers customers to drive better decisions and significantly impact clinical outcomes. It currently serves several large hospitals and organizations impacting more than 60,000 lives.

LeucineTech: Regulatory non-compliance is the most critical challenge faced by the pharma industry worldwide. Founded by Vivek Gera and Abhishek Jha in 2017, LeucineTech has built an intelligent solution that reduces the risk of non-compliance by 80% through automation and predictive analytics. They are working with the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in India and have a strong pipeline of companies interested to implement it.

Docturnal: Founded by Rahul Pathri and Vaishnavi Reddy in 2016, Docturnal screens & detects TB using their flagship AI-driven product TimBre using acoustic inputs (a cough), clinical and demographic variables. Currently in pre-clinical validation & pilot stages in several hospitals.

doLoopTech: Founded by Jitesh Nagaria and Mousum Dutta in December 2014, doLoopTech provides Automated Clinical Intelligence to global pharmaceutical and clinical research industry. Its flagship product, Clinical eBridge, solves the complex problem of clinical data management and integration during the Clinical Trial process. The product’s AI engine is capable of detecting adverse events during clinical trials and converts them into FDA submission standards. The startup has customers from Europe and the US and running pilots with them.

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Meet The 19 Startups Selected For The Summer 2018 Accelerator Cohort Of Axilor-Inc42 Media

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Meet The 19 Startups Selected For The Summer 2018 Accelerator Cohort Of Axilor-Inc42 Media
Meet The 19 Startups Selected For The Summer 2018 Accelerator Cohort Of Axilor-Inc42 Media

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