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With a scathing blogpost high on #burn quotient, Chandigarh-based auto-rickshaw aggregator, Jugnoo, launched an all-out attack on taxi aggregator Ola, accusing it of bribing Jugnoo’s team to gain access to its employee’s database.

This is what the post states:

“Attempts to bribe people for sharing our employee database, isn’t that a little too predictable? If with all that VC money you can’t afford a decent job portal for yourselves, don’t you think, you are getting the fundamentals all wrong?”

In an exclusive conversation with Inc42, Samar Singla stated, “They resolved to unethical means to poach our drivers and employees. The poaching was not the problem; the problem was the way they resolved to it.”

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He further accused Ola of planting a mole on its team, in Indore, and igniting discrimination amongst drivers on the basis of religion. “They started calling our drivers and telling them that Jugnoo is closing hoping to encourage them to join them. Their team bribed our HR in an attempt to get our employee database and tried to poach our employees by stating the same that we are closing.”

Talking about reason for coming up with this post, he stated, “This post was, first and foremost, for our employees so they don’t think we don’t say anything because we are afraid of Ola. Honestly, I do not think (I hope so) this is its corporate strategy; it just seems that it does not have any control on its teams to keep a check on their unscrupulous behaviour. There is high expectation from Ola as they are the torch bearers of the Indian startup ecosystem. When Ola does something, new startups think this is the way to be successful and it’s just irresponsible on their part.”

We have reached out to Ola for its statement and are awaiting a response.

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