Nasscom Innotrek 2017 – Meet The 26 Startups Headed To Silicon Valley

Nasscom Innotrek 2017 – Meet The 26 Startups Headed To Silicon Valley

NASSCOM is set to host the next edition of Nasscom Innotrek 2017 for the fourth consecutive year. Innotrek is an invite-only delegation for Indian startups who visit Silicon Valley to learn, connect, and get inspired from stalwarts in the technology space.

Talking about the program R Chandrashekhar, President, NASSCOM said, “We want Indian startups to grow and compete on a level playing field with those from the Valley. Through this programme, we aim to provide our country’s startups a platform to step it up a notch and get recognised internationally.”

This year’s delegation will be travelling on  April 29, 2017 to Silicon Valley and the week-long journey will begin on May 1, 2017. It includes 26 tech Startups from India and five from Silicon Valley.

The programme will also have R Chandrashekhar, President, NASSCOM; Ravi Gururaj, Chairman, Product Council NASSCOM; Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu; DIPP Secretary Ramesh Abhishek; and Aruna Sundararajan, Electronic & IT Secretary accompanying the delegation.

The startups will get a chance to visit the Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM, and Target campuses. They will also get an opportunity to showcase their innovations to various stakeholders.

Here Is The List Of Selected Startups For InnoTrek 2017:

Founder(s): Pushkal Srivastava
Founded: 2013
The Noida-based company is an ecommerce platform helping offline businesses to set-up and manage their online store.


Ronds Technologies Pvt Ltd
Founder(s): Silo Joseph, Deepu Aravind, and Jijo Joseph
Founded: 2012
Kerala-based Ronds aims to make a hi-tech breakthrough in the world of machine automation and remote sensing. The startup’s target market and clientele are spread through the major sectors like genset industry, automobile industry, electronic industry, wind & solar power systems, telecom industry, etc.


Zophop Technologies PVT LTD
Founder(s): Vinayak Bhavnani, Nikhil Aggarwal
Founded: 2014
Mumbai-based Zophop is a technology-driven solution provider for smarter end-to-end seamless public transportation experience for 2B people in emerging markets.


Founder(s): Umesh Thota
Founded: 2016
Hyderabad-based AuthBase is a cybersecurity company that provides frameworks to help developers secure their applications by finding, fixing and monitoring your web, mobile and networks against current and future vulnerabilities.


Imaginate Software Labs Pvt Ltd
Founder(s): Hemanth Satyanarayana
Founded: 2011
Hyderabad-headquartered Imaginate Software Labs is an augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) & mixed reality (MR)- based technology enterprise, that offers innovative visualisation products and services, thus enhancing consumers’​ experience of reality.


LocoBuzz Solutions Pvt Ltd
Founder(s): Shubhi Agrawal, Vishal Agarwal
Founded: 2012
Mumbai-based LocoBuzz Online Reputation Management (ORM) platform implements ‘keyword’​-based listening to collect and monitor buzz created around a brand in the entire digital universe.


Tiger Digitech Pvt. Ltd
Founder(s): Joseph George
Founded: 2015
Mumbai-based Tiger Digitech, with its flagship app, provides businesses with the tools to manage and run their businesses on a website.


Founder(s): Satish Patil
Founded: 2013
Pune-based AthenaSight is an an artificial intelligence (AI)- powered radiology startup building a next generation medical imaging platform.


Anaxee Digital Runners Private Limited
Founder(s)Govind Agrawal
Founded – 2016
Indore-based Anaxee Technologies is engaged in biometrics, identity management, and Aadhaar authentication. It provides on-demand verification of people & property, creating a network of 250,000 digital runners spread across 650 districts of India and 600,000 villages.


Founder(s): Ashvini Jakhar
Founded: 2015
Prozo is an education vertical-focused company providing all kinds of study material – be it books, coaching material, study devices, e-learning and personal notes, to individual as well as business buyers. It follows an aggregator approach and serves customers through dedicated B2C and B2B tech platforms.


Acebot and CollateBox
Founder(s): Ralph Vaz
Founded: 2016
Acebot is a Slackbot that helps users track expenses – upload invoices, classify and assign expenses. It acts as a personal task manager on Slack, so that users can manage tasks and collaborate with your teams effectively.
On the other hand, founded in 2011, CollateBox Inc. is an independent, privately-held company headquartered in San Jose, California. It is a secure online service for sharing, updating and organising spreadsheet records online with other team members.


Founder(s):  Sriram Subramanian and Pulkit Singhal
Founded: 2011
Pune-based ShoppinPal is a mobile commerce platform for brick & mortar retail stores. It unifies store operations with marketplaces, social channels and more. And it also integrates with the retailer’s existing ERP systems to simplify going online.


Agrima Infotech (Recipe Book)
Founder(s): Anoop Balakrishnan, Nikhil Dharman and Arun Ravi
Founded: 2015
Kochi-based Recipe Book is a cooking app that runs on theories of artificial intelligence and deep learning. It claims to have over 475K handpicked recipes.


Sectorqube Technolabs Pvt. Ltd
Founder(s): Arjun Sarath, Midhun Skaria, Biniyas Valiyaveettil, Sabarish Prakash, and Nibu Alias
Founded: 2011
Kochi-based SectorQube works in creating smart cooking devices that will simplify cooking.


Lightrains Technolabs Pvt Ltd
Founder(s): Nikhil Mohan  and Sibiraj PR
Founded: 2012
Trivandrum-based Lightrains provides solutions for businesses to approach commerce, trading, supply chain, and identity management through transparency and security powered by blockchain and smart contracts.


Geniocode Innovations Private Limited
Founder(s): Sunoj Antony
Founded: 2012
GenioCode is an IT company incubated at Startup Village, Cochin, India with a corporate office at Palo Alto. It offers software planning, creative design and development.


Founder(s): Ritesh Radhakrishnan and Shridhar Marri
Founded: 2012
Senseforth is a human-like conversation platform powered by artificial intelligence. Senseforth can address queries, resolve issues, and perform tasks. It mimics human cognitive abilities in reading, comprehending, interpreting, and conversing.


Instio Experiences Pvt. Ltd
Founder(s): Girish S Prabhu and Suma Prabhu
Founded: 2016
Instio is a software-as-a-service platform that helps clients improve their customer experience and client retention, measuring with Net Promoter Score.

Founder(s): Atul Verma, Suchit Puri, Vineet Shukla
Founded: 2016
The Delhi-based company is a cross-channel Ad Analytics platform which helps Digital Marketers understand and get actionable insights of their Ad Campaigns in a unified view to acquire more customers. Adalyz is the winner of the contest run by Colors Infinity for InnoTrek.

Founder(s): Siva Sirish Moduga and Satya Latha Kandimalla
Founded: 2016
Digitamize is a technology company, building products and treading towards Communication, Security, Big Data, AI, Robotics, Mobile and other cutting edge technologies. Its deep learning bot ‘RITA’ continuously learns IT skills, assists and advises teams on DevOps, SecOps, InfraOps while accelerating time-to-market of digital projects/products by up to 60% through AI driven automation.

Founder(s): Parvati Balagopalan
A photo sharing app that users see, hear, and feel what it’s like to “be there” because a picture is just half the story.


The list is still being finalised.

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Nasscom Innotrek 2017 – Meet The 26 Startups Headed To Silicon Valley-Inc42 Media

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Nasscom Innotrek 2017 – Meet The 26 Startups Headed To Silicon Valley-Inc42 Media
Nasscom Innotrek 2017 – Meet The 26 Startups Headed To Silicon Valley-Inc42 Media

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