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How Everyone Is Or Can Be An Entrepreneur

How Everyone Is Or Can Be An Entrepreneur

If you’re working at a startup, chances are you already have an entrepreneurial bent of mind. One of the biggest challenges for any startup is finding the right people to work with. Startup founders a.k.a entrepreneurs are always looking for like-minded people with whom they could work and build their business(es) with. They want their “hirees” (not to be confused with employees) to think freely, be innovative, determined, persistent, and risk-taking – just like themselves. No wonder why many startup hirees eventually end up starting something of their own.

But entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be necessarily associated with starting a new business. I tend to think there’s an entrepreneur in all of us. And the way I see it, entrepreneurship is more about the journey than the sudden burst of eureka moments. Just because a person has a great business idea, it doesn’t make him or her an entrepreneur. It’s about the hardships, persistence and learnings along the way that actually bring out the true entrepreneur within that person.

Entrepreneurs aren’t born as one

While some say entrepreneurs are inherently different and are born with some kind of special gift, many business veterans and thought leaders believe and have testified that skills like creativity and idea generation can be developed overtime and not a God-given thing.

Saras D. Sarasvathy, author of “Effectuation – Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise”, interviewed more than 50 super successful entrepreneurs whose revenues varied from US$200million to US$6.5billion, as part of his study. He concluded that individual attributes and characteristics are what make an entrepreneur successful rather than inherited personality traits. The findings from his research and interviews clearly established the fact that being entrepreneurial is matter of choice and not naturally inherited.

What sets them apart

True entrepreneurs are risk takers. They stop at nothing and aren’t afraid of failing. They do it because it’s the best – and sometimes the only – thing they can do or see themselves happily doing. They choose to go down this path not because they got bored with their previous jobs or are driven by a personal motive to prove themselves to someone. An entrepreneur is driven by ideas and how to make those ideas happen. They couldn’t care less about completing their work hours. All they care about is getting things done. Infact, they are usually the ones who stay late but still manage to show up early. Sometimes, it looks like the dynamics of human metabolism don’t apply to them.

While there are several skills and competencies that an entrepreneur needs to possess in order to thrive, there are two key attributes most successful entrepreneurs have in common: optimism and persistence. When embarking on an unknown journey, these inter-dependent attributes are what determine the winners and losers. It’s what differentiates entrepreneurs from mere ideapreneurs.

Here’s why you’re already entrepreneurial

So coming back to where I began, no matter what company you’re working in, what business you’re into, no matter how big or small your role is, if you’re pouring your heart, soul and mind into even the smallest acts, you’re already entrepreneurial. If you’re continuously finding new ways to innovate and help people; if you have an insatiable hunger to make a real difference and are always on the hunt for creative inspirations; if you’re passionate, confident, and not afraid to experiment and take risks in your career, do get yourself checked.

Think you just might have an entrepreneurial bug in you!

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Abeniel Huten


Corporate Communications Professional |Social Media Strategist | Inbound Marketer
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