What Happens When Angel Investor Starts Dating Startup Founder?

What Happens When Angel Investor Starts Dating Startup Founder?

Standup Comedian Appurv Gupta has came up with a new video titled, “Dating and Startups.” The one minute video is an excellent satire on how angel invests money in a startup and how startups takes the failure.

Appurv compared the relationship between Angel Investor and startup founder with a couple who have just started dating.

After the first meeting with startup founder, an angel is likely to invest, thinking some day the startup will grow. Initially things seem to be going well and Angel (boy) keeps on investing with the startup founder (girl).

As the rounds/date meetings increase, hopes for startup starts increasing for angel. But eventually the startup fails and like Apoorv said, ‘ladki set nahi hui’

The most interesting part of the video is its end. Here is the video. Check out on your own.


Meha Agarwal

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