Good Indian Startups To Work For In 2015

Good Indian Startups To Work For In 2015

The Indian startup ecosystem in 2014 witnessed large number of startups raising massive funding rounds, the growing ecosystem has now created buzz to a level that the people have now started preferring to work in a startups then in coporates. According to an Economic Times report, top Indian companies have lost almost 40% of their most talented people to these young fledgling companies. This is a far cry from the times when Indian students and professionals only preferred established and famous companies.

Working in startup is like a roller-coaster ride that can offer incredible career experiences and teach you some amazing life lessons. And obviously, the opportunity, greater sense of responsibility, chance to learn from the innovators, startups altogether makes one more efficient than ever. All these reasons have been motivating factors for many who now are ready to throw away the corporate towel and move towards startups.

If you are ready to work in a startup and still thinking which startup to work for, here is a awesome list of Indian startups that you might consider.

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