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Freshdesk’s Sexy New Office Is All About Collaboration!

Freshdesk’s Sexy New Office Is All About Collaboration!

“May your Monday be epic and your coffee be strong!” goes a popular saying. With Freshdesk’s newly renovated office, strong coffee will hardly be a problem for its employees given the live filter coffee counters! Cloud-based customer support software provider Freshdesk, which is the prime example of Indian SaaS-based startup that has gone global, has added another 60,000 square foot to its existing office in what is its 9th office expansion!


A look at its new office clearly exemplifies how the world-class company from India has built a world-class office with a breezy open environment, great food, live filter-coffee counters, standing desks, an indoor game room to play net cricket, an indoor gym, a table tennis room, and lots of collaborative spaces. In fact, the theme of the new office expansion is collaboration. As a fast growing company, Freshdesk realized that it’s not as easy as it used to be for everyone to know everyone else. Hence, the new office phase has lesser cubicles and more of collaborative areas, including standing desks, huddle spaces and modular tables.


Freshdesk’s motto is ‘customer happiness, refreshingly easy.’ No wonder, the new office also makes possible employee happiness refreshingly easy with the wide open spaces, different types of seating arrangements to suit all, and the colour green freely thrown in from the desks to the seating! No wonder, the ‘Stay Fresh, Stay Hungry’ motto on the wall is the first thing one gets to see on entering the office from Block C side.


Seat Yourself!

From couches, to sofas, to secluded booths, to high rise stools, to ottomans, to swings – Freshesk’s office has something for everyone in every possible bright hue. The bright colours not only add to the zing factor but also keep the office a cheery, peppy place to work! Green obviously is the dominant colour.


Then there’s red..


Orange and yellow…


Purple and pink..!


These huddle spaces for short meetings just set the right tone for them!


In a very smart space utilisation hack, along the corners of the cubicles, there are these collaborative spaces which allow a mixture of standing and sitting and enable employees to have short meetings and discussions.


And if you are tired of trying out all kind of seating styles, there are some swings to swing away the stress of it all! The old office is situated in Block B, while the new office expansion is in Block C. The connecting bridge between blocks B and C has a lot of relaxation areas – a lounge where people can sit and drink tea/coffee, a mini golf course, a room where they can play TT and foosball. These swings are now the latest addition to that!


What better a place to take a quick break to refresh one’s soul! For freshness, you have the green palms situated right next to you to complete your repose!


There is no dearth of cosy and relaxing corners, like these, which also serve the purpose of a quick chat or discussion – a classic example of space utilisation!

If teeing helps you relax, head off to the latest addition – the mini golf course! Interestingly, the golf course is in the shape of Freshdesk’s logo!


Served Fresh!

The cafeteria in the new office has been beautifully designed to give the feel of a little coffee shop inside!


It would amply stock snacks and drinks to make for a cosy place for people to catch up over a cup of coffee or tea.


Interestingly, the truck is also a part of the cafeteria, and serves as the serving area!


The Perks Of Being A Wall!

If you are a wall in Freshdesk’s new office, you will have a unique color, a unique character, and you will stand out from all other walls. From brick walls to candy colour to mosaic patterns, the office walls have it all! Take notice wallflowers!




This wall is on its way between the company’s older phase and new phase. What an apt way to link the old with the new!


This is the blue wall of the new nap room! Yes a nap room. And since Freshdesk really wants people to make the most of their naps, it is not brightly lit and has been painted in blue help them rest better!


All in all, with its open collaborative spaces and colourful hues, Freshdesk’s new office is just another significant step in its journey to becoming one of the most loved Indian SaaS based startups to work at!


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