NEXUS Hyderabad – Entrepreneurship Unearthed

NEXUS Hyderabad – Entrepreneurship Unearthed

‘Entrepreneurship’ is a word thrown around almost whimsically whenever one addresses the youth of today. And why not? Those in this age group certainly do possess the physical and, more importantly, mental temperament for the demands of this line of work. This is true of the Indian scene as well. India is moving forward, and at a fast pace at that. At this stage of our political and economic development, we require the best of Entrepreneurs to ensure that we do not falter.

AIESEC, being as impactful as it has been, feels obliged to play a major part in this. Naturally, we turn to our Stakeholders for mentoring. India is changing, and so are its trends. The youth needs to be well-equipped when it comes to leading the country. The youth is the future; they must work to make it brighter. In the 27 year of excellence, credibility, hard work coupled with passion, zeal and enthusiasm we plan to make AIESEC Hyderabad what it is today and will be in the upcoming few decades.

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This forum is completely different when compared to the various other educational events in the city in terms of the highly qualified panel and the attendance of the top heads of the companies. We have been working for the past three months from raising funds to arranging the speakers to finalizing the venue. All the corporate clients both past and current would be attending the forum along with the members of AIEEC Hyderabad.

The event starts with the welcome note of the Local Committee President of AIESEC in Hyderbad followed by the key note speech by Birad Rajaram Yajnik, the managing director of Visual Quest India. We have then two sessions to be delivered by Talwar Volvo and Mauka. There will be a reflection session as well where the interns would be sharing their experience of work in MNC’s of Hyderabad. The exchange participants currently working in hyderabad from 12 different countries across the globe will be organizing a global village showcasing their culture in their style.


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