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Your Guide On How To Identify The Risk Takers, Entrepreneurs

Your Guide On How To Identify The Risk Takers, Entrepreneurs

How many times has it occurred to you that you saw an entrepreneur and you were surprised and shocked at how they do what they do and why do they do what they do? (Confused ??? ) Don’t worry, you are not alone. A large chunk of the society has difficulties adjusting with them.

We, at Inc42, believe in simplifying things and making life easier for you. So, here’s an our effort at helping our readers understand these risk takers and hard workers better.

They can Party. They can Work. It all depends on the mood !

Their mood depends on the situations. So please don’t make assumptions that they don’t know how to party or they are always busy with their work and never follow their passions. They might be busy as hell, but still, they know how to squeeze out time from their busy schedules. And if they want, they can enjoy and be the most uncontrollable party animals that you would have ever seen.

Save Water. Avoid Bath.


Entrepreneurs always make efforts to save the precious resources of the earth and also refrain from harming mother earth. Though they might make others uncomfortable in their presence by not bathing for days or sometimes even weeks, but trust me, they are just trying to save the mother earth.

It’s not an addiction, it’s a way to relieve stress.


Given the amount of stress they go through daily and the amount of sleep deprivation they suffer, it’s justified for entrepreneurs to sip on cups over cups of the caffeine loaded coffee or tea.

Don’t insult them by calling them chain smokers or drunkyards, think for yourself, what better way is there to relieve stress than a quick puff of cigarette or a shot of vodka. 😉

Why do it the way it has been done since ages. Think different.


Entrepreneurs believe in doing things the un-orthodox way. Well, what fun there is in doing a thing that has been done the same way since centuries? They like to think and act differently. If they start thinking and acting like everyone else, who in the world would then do something different or create something never heard of?

Dress casual. It’s Comfortable and thus, better.

badly dress

Be honest in answering this question, What do you feel is more comfortable- an office suit or a casual attire? I won’t tell the answer to this, because you know it for yourself !

So, why waste precious time thinking about which tightfit uniform-like suit to wear, when even a pair of striped pajamas along with a tee would do the job?

If you still have a negative vibe due to the way entrepreneurs dress up, spend a day with them, and one thing you can be sure of is that, at the end of the day, you would praise their brains, not their clothes.

Say whatever you wish to, but, their workplaces are the best.

keep working

Seriously ? Do you think you can sit in those weird compartmented cabins? Sorry, Entrepreneurs can’t and they don’t.
And that is the main reason as to why they choose to have uniquely designed workplaces, keeping in mind that it offers comfort, homelike environment and also, a boost to productivity and creativity. You might not find a hot shot work desk or tables with lamps, but the whiteboard or the beanbag chair in their office will surely cheer you up.

Sleep is a waste of time

dont sleep

Lions sleep for 20 hrs. Koalas for even more than that!

Is there anything interesting about sleeping? Rather, there’s no point in doing something as unimportant as lying on a bed and dozing away, while the time slips out of your hand.

So, in the time others dream, entrepreneurs instead prefer to utilise that time and work towards making their dreams a reality.

Don’t mess with the gadgets. Their gadgets are worth more than anything to them.

love gadget

Though entrepreneurs might be able to live without food or even water for long hours, but, their PCs and smartphones are something they can not even think of staying apart from. And, yes a statutory warning: Stay away from their gadgets to avoid causing any damage to the machines and to yourself as well.

Don’t worry, it will take time. Its not that easy to get familiar and comfortable with an altogether different breed. But, once you are, you would surely love to be in their company and never know, even you might turn out to be an entrepreneur someday.

Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously. More information about it can be found here.