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From EVs To AI-Powered Policing: The Startups At Deloitte’s Morning Pitch

The sixth Indian edition of Deloitte’s Morning Pitch event concluded on June 18, 2019, with four startups — Agribuddy, Entuple E-Mobility, Staqu, and Addverb — pitching their ideas for partnerships, funding and M&A interest.

Morning Pitch is one of the most popular weekly pitch events in Japan, which is now fast gaining popularity in global startup hotbeds including Silicon Valley, India, and Singapore.

In the past five years, this event has enabled hundreds of business alliances and tens of mergers, alliances and IPOs. This was the sixth in a series of Morning Pitch events held in India and the first one in Gurugram.

In the past four Indian editions, startups including Scribble Data, Ayasta, Minance and InTain, Niramai, Ethereal Machines, TagBox Solutions, Artivatic.Ai pitched to the attendees from large Japanese corporations Murata, Rakuten, Nomura, Toyota Tsusho; International corporations such as Bosch and Nvidia along with VCs and ecosystem stakeholders such as Blume Ventures, Intuit Circles, Headstart.

Meet The Startups That Pitched Today

Entuple E-Mobility

Entuple is an electric vehicle drive-trains, and charging infrastructure manufacturing focused startup. It brings together the relevant competencies (team and technology) from Entuple Technologies Private Limited and a few other emobility startups under one umbrella. The company sells its products to OEMs and claims to already have two purchase orders. Entuple provides solutions of Ansys, Cadence, Orcad, DFR Solutions, MITS & Wavect.


Gurugram-based Staqu is an artificial intelligence-powered predictive policing solution that  helps police officers identify criminals and missing persons and even predict crimes. The predictive policing solution uses an advanced hybrid AI technology that amalgamates different neural network models to process image, speech, and text and extracts meaningful information from the analysis. The company’s aim is to speed up the criminal detection process for law enforcers.


Addverb uses deeptech applications to design and implement automation solutions, thus improving the efficiency and accuracy of intra-logistics operations. The startup has come up in the warehousing space with solutions in mobile robotics, advanced picking technologies, automated storage system, warehouse management software, and various Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions for asset tracking with advanced analytics. The company is servicing MNC clients such as Coca Cola,  ITC and more.


Started in Indonesia, Agribuddy is an agritech startup which aims to provides finance, knowledge, goods, and services to the next billion population. The company envisions to bring an increase in income for the rural population through the BUDDY network. Its other services include, addressing the lack of working capital for farmers by supplying agricultural inputs on credit, implementing irrigation and other infrastructure with financial support to combat the effects of climate change on rain-fed agricultural areas, recommending crop changes, monitoring growing cycles, purchasing and distributing crops, maximizing income per unit of arable area, and the introduction of biomass and other renewable energy to off-the-grid areas that use locally available crop residues to generate electricity.


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