The Startup Festival team is back in 2014 at Bangalore with Construkt Festival – a global platform for entrepreneurs, artists, activists, chefs, scientists, coders, craftsmen, musicians, makers, hackers and you! And this time, its BIGGER and Better. Much much better.

The event spanning a timeframe of 4 days will bring together over 100+ experts like Varun Agrawal, Alma Mater, Anshulika Deb, WishBerry, Sonic Prabudesai,co founder, Campus Diaries and  from various fields including entrepreneurship, filmmaking, marketing, and what not, on the same stage. Supported by well-known sponsors like Stanford University, outreach partners IEEE and many more, this is a do-not-miss event for all those who want to learn from any and every field.

The festival will be an action-packed 4 days of learning, sharing, creating and celebrating, with an eclectic array of workshops, presentations, art installations, demo zones, discussions, mixers, performances, food stalls, flea markets, jam sessions, rock stars, launchpads, micro launches and so much more.

This 4 day festival brings together creators and entrepreneurs across four Construkt Creator communities: Technology, Design, Culinary and Social Impact. The festival allows creators to engage in high impact, action oriented sessions amidst the energy of a carnivalesque atmosphere.

Do not think anymore, just register to attend this mind blowing festival here. Never know, along with an experience for a lifetime you might as well find the idea to your next startup at the festival itself.

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