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7 Startup Lessons From Management Guru ‘Gabbar Singh’

7 Startup Lessons From Management Guru ‘Gabbar Singh’

We all need a little motivation in life. Every now and then we come across articles, posts, etc. providing key points to follow to keep you motivated. Advertising agency ‘What A Story’ came up with motivational posts, highlighting 7 key lessons to be followed by startups and their founders.

Coming your way – 7 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from the Management Guru Gabbar Singh!

Yes, you read it right, we are referring to the iconic villain of Bollywood, Gabbar Singh from Sholay. Who would have thought that Gabbar’s dialogues in the movie would someday come to your rescue to stay motivated and stay ready to face challenges in the startup ecosystem.

Jo Dar Gaya, So Mar Gaya!


You have to stay motivated and should have the courage to believe in your own ideas. Courage and enterprise are important factors for establishing the successful foundation of a business. So you should never give up, have the courage to go that extra mile!

Kitne Aadmi The!


It’s essential to do a full market research of the domain in which you wish to enter. An idea about the number and size of your competitors is essential. Gabbar knew that even a small dedicated team could make a difference. So be aware of your team and your competitors.

Arey O Sambha! Kitna Inaam Rakhe Hai Sarkaar Hampe?

gabbar 3

It is important to know your market value. One should promote their brand and in the course of doing, being reiterated is essential too.

Goli 6 Aur Aadmi 3!

Gabbar Singh ji posters-05

In this particular scene, management guru Gabbar creates an illusion where his subordinates had a chance to survive but kills them anyway. Why, you ask?

Well the logic is simple- Perform or Perish!

Le Ab Goli Kha!


Sometimes, in order to stay afloat and in the interest of the organization, you have to take hard, unpopular decisions. Sometimes you will have to ‘fire’ employees!

Yeh Haath Mujhe Dedey Thakur!

gabbar 6

Well, the whole point to dwell on to here is that you should identify the elements of threat for your business and all the measures necessary to minimise them.

Holi Kab Hai, Kab Hai Holi?

gabbar 8

It is important to have an idea about all the important and vital events in advance. So, you should do an advance mapping of all the key events within the organisation, in your industry, and devise a strategy to leverage on these opportunities, and have an edge over your competitors.

Hope these lessons by management Guru Gabbar Singh help you stay motivated and help you achieve new heights. May the force be with you!