500 Startups Announces Its 9th Batch Of Startups, 3 Indian Startups In The List

500 Startups Announces Its 9th Batch Of Startups, 3 Indian Startups In The List

500 Startups Announces Its 9th Batch Of Startups, 3 Indian Startups In The List

Silicon Valley based Startup Accelerator has announced its ninth batch with over 29 startups, which  include 11 with women co-founder and 3 Indian startups. With this, the accelerator has also added two entrepreneurs-in-residence for its latest batch which include Poornima Vijayashanker, founder of  Femgineer,  and Co-founder of Skillshare, Malcolm Ong.

Image Via 500 Startups Blog
Image Via 500 Startups Blog

The selected startups for this batch are from the US, Czech Republic, Switzerland, China, India, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, UK, and Mexico, NYC, Rochester, San Francisco, Mountain View, Atlanta and Berkeley.

Startups in this batch do everything from customized clothing to searchable sounds and bitcoin.

The accelerator is also launching an AngelList syndicate to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency related startups. This will be its third syndicate, previously it had introduced 500 Startups Syndicate and 500 Women Syndicate.

Indian Startups

InterviewMaster: Based out in Bangalore, Interview Master is an easy to use video and mobile recruitment solution that improves the quality of hires, increases recruiter productivity, and enriches a job candidate’s experience.

Founders: Sanjoe Jose, Subramanian K, Jobin Jose, Tom Jose

Sourceasy: Sourceasy is a full stack private textiles sourcing service. It offers technology tools to manage sourcing along with offline support to complete orders.

Founders: Pranay Srinivasan, Chirag Chamoli

TargetingMantra: TargetingMantra is a mind-reader that figures out what people are interested in and surfaces relevant content to them. Through TargetingMantra, businesses can personalize the entire web experience of an online customer, grab user’s attention through offline solutions, and measure important metrics through an analytics dashboard.

Founders: Saurabh Nangia, Rahul Singh

Here is the complete list of other selected startups

AbbeyPost: AbbeyPost is a vertically integrated brand that delights customers with beautiful, well made Plus Size wardrobe classics that fit perfectly.

ArtCorgi: ArtCorgi makes it easy to commission original, personalized art from up-and-coming artists.

Bohemian Guitars: Bohemian Guitars is rethinking music products to create a more affordable, stylish, and sustainable way to make and enjoy music.

Bonafide: Bonafide is community powered fraud prevention for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Businesses and users are scored based on their transaction ratings and optional identity. Scores are accessible via wallets, Bonafide.io’s site, mobile app, Chrome extension, or API.

click2stream: Security camera video analysis platform in the cloud.

Coinalytics: Coinalytics is working on real-time analytics for Bitcoin, it bring Big Data to the Bitcoin ecosystem by building a cutting-edge analytical framework.

Giveit100: Choose something you want to get better at and share a 10 second video of your progress every day.

GogoCoin: It helps to buy bitcoins instantly, the startups is working on solving the problem of buying bitcoin through our prepaid card.

GoRefi:  GoRefi helps homeowners refinance their homes online, from start-to-finish.

Hobobe:  Your Travel Guide to China.

KangaDo: KangaDo is a mobile service that helps busy Moms & Dads chat and organize activities with friends, family, and caregivers. Instantly set up carpools, childcare, playdates and more while on the go.

Neuroware: It develops open source software for digital currencies.

pinshape: pinshape is a 3D printing community that helps you explore, share, sell, and order 3D printable shapes. We empower people to customize their physical lives!

Pop Up Archive: Pop Up Archive makes sound searchable with smart transcription tools that are built on unique language models

Puzzlium: Puzzlium’s mission is to release people’s creativity to make the world smarter.

Share Some Style: a personal styling service that sends a stylist to your home to help users create a style of their own

Solidarium: It connects Brazilian makers with consumers and retailers from all over the world.

Sporthold: Its a free prediction game for all sports.

Stitch: Stitch is the (clean) Tinder for adults over 50.

Survmetrics: Survmetrics is the online survey platform where you can create awesome and engaging surveys that improve user experience exponentially and thus generate higher response rates.

Teaman & Company: Combining an incredible inventory of colored gemstones from all over the world with a growing catalogue of designs, Teaman & Company is setting out to be the face of custom colored gemstone engagement rings and artisanal jewelry.

Thinknum: Thinknum is a web platform for financial analysis. Collaborate on investment research with users from around the world.

Totspot: Mobile marketplace for moms to shop and sell fashion for kids.

Vessel: Vessel offers the most advanced and powerful mobile A/B testing platform allowing product managers to run deep-layered A/B experiments on their native mobile apps.

Zootrock: ZootRock generates relevant, trending content for your social media accounts to help you increase engagement and followers.

With the announcement of this batch, the accelerator has also Open applications for Batch10. Last date for application is 28th May.

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500 Startups Announces Its 9th Batch Of Startups, 3 Indian Startups In The List-Inc42 Media

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500 Startups Announces Its 9th Batch Of Startups, 3 Indian Startups In The List-Inc42 Media

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500 Startups Announces Its 9th Batch Of Startups, 3 Indian Startups In The List-Inc42 Media

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500 Startups Announces Its 9th Batch Of Startups, 3 Indian Startups In The List-Inc42 Media
500 Startups Announces Its 9th Batch Of Startups, 3 Indian Startups In The List-Inc42 Media

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