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5 Reasons Why You Should Work At A Startup

5 Reasons Why You Should Work At A Startup

For the last few years, India has witnessed a huge cultural shift. Students, corporate employees and the likes, to the dismay of the traditional Indian parents, have started opting for a career at a startup. One of the main reasons for this shift has been the innovation that is taking place in the technology space, all over India.

So, what makes a startup a much more attractive option than a ‘traditional technology company’? Here are 5 tempting reasons:

Money, money, money!


There is a talent crunch that we are witnessing in the startup world. Mention to any startup founder that you are a graphic designer or a full stack developer and they will offer you a ludicrous amount of money to join them. The crunch has led to astronomical annual packages being offered to people willing to join a startup. The best part? Equity

Ownership of what you do!


At a startup, you own what you do and in all likelihood, you would be working closely with the management.  You are there in a startup not to clock hours, but to work towards a goal that you own. The satisfaction of seeing your code or your blog go live (every single time) is a marvelous feeling. The equity that we mentioned? Do well in your part and reap the extra benefits. And it is easier to reach your goals when you have the backing of a talented team.

A culture that will help you excel!

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When you are a part of a team that is working towards the same goal, i.e. Making the startup successful, work does not feel like work. When you know that you are solving real world problems with a bunch of talented people, it is an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Creativity unleashed!


Best practices or standards are a thing of the past. What you are supposed to do is, think out of the box. The general idea is, the crazier the better. The main thing that one always needs to realize is that, being part of a startup means achieving your goals. That is the key differentiator. If you are great at what you do and can hack the system for growth, then you are the person everyone is looking for.

Freedom, freedom, freedom!

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There is no dress code. There is no need to shave everyday, you can wear flip-flops or even gum boots to the office. If you are a night owl and hate early mornings, it doesn’t matter. Startups are flexible and encourage individuality. If you happen to see a young homeless person typing away on his smartphone while sipping a mocha latte at a Costa, then there is a good chance that he works or has started his own startup.

“Seems too good to believe? Believe it.” that’s what Ripley’s say and this is actually what means to be a part of a startup.

If you are a creative thinker and want to test your skill-set, then you will excel as a startup person.

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