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42 Ways To Be A Boss At Being A Boss

42 Ways To Be A Boss At Being A Boss

For those in managerial positions, the struggle to be a good boss is real; it requires hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and much more besides. Although we’re all aware of what can make a bad boss (poor communication, passing the buck and not providing proper training, for starters) what it takes to be a good boss can be harder to define. Fortunately the team at Unum have created an infographic revealing ‘42 Ways to Be a Boss at Being a Boss’.

Whether you’re heading up a small team or a large organisation, we all have the potential to be good leaders. What’s more, being a great boss is not only beneficial to your employee, but also to you and your company – earning you respect, a productive workforce and a good reputation. For many, a good boss will have integrity, vision and a solid work ethic; but that’s only the beginning! As the infographic below shows, good bosses often have key attributes and adhere to a series of dos and don’ts. Being decisive, polite and knowledgeable in their field are just some of the attributes associated with good bosses, whereas gossiping, having favourites and creating barriers are clear no nos.

A good boss has the ability to bring out the best in their workforce, can completely transform the way employees operate and improve team dynamics. Many of the aspects of being a good boss surround the idea of optimising employees, gaining their trust and working collaboratively to reach goals. However, they mustn’t be afraid to take risks and should lead by example, showing they aren’t above making tea or asking for help when needed, and are keen to promote a good work-life balance. While this might seem like a lot to ask, each of us has the ability to be a good boss and to carry on a journey of self-improvement, even if we’ve reached the position we’ve been aiming for all along. 

Taking inspiration from some well-known faces, such as Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson and Maya Angelou, we’re reminded of what truly makes a good leader. While the likes of Michael Scott, David Brent and Leslie Knope are on hand to remind us of everything a boss shouldn’t be! 

So no matter what your experience or the size of your team, take a look at the infographic below and feel inspired to become the best boss you can be!

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