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2014 In Review: The Most Read Articles On Inc42 This Year

2014 In Review: The Most Read Articles On Inc42 This Year

Year 2014 included everything, from ups and downs to startups expanding and shutting down, companies buying new offices to selling old ones to remain liquid, from raising plenty of funds to going broke. This year had its share of events falling into a wide range which were advantageous as well as cataclysmic. Here we congregate a list of the Most Read Articles on Inc42 this year.

You’ll Be Awestruck By Myntra’s Sexy New Office!


Online Fashion & Lifestyle retailer Myntra moved into one of the most desirable & aesthetic office in the country which was designed by Ranjeet Ramakrishan, founder of Okdone design. The new workplace is equipped with a photographer arena,designers room and a gym. It’s design was  based on the Mondrian Dress theme.

Uncovering India’s NextBigTwats – Vijay Anand Aka The Startup Guy

indian-twats (1)

Nextbigtwat are a set of entrepreneurs who want to reveal the twats of the ecosystem and uncovers 2 twats a week in the Indian Startup ecosystem. This twat is about the startups that are built and sold by Vijay Anand, who claims to be a Serial Entrepreneur, an Angel Investor and a Visionary Software Engineer. All startups he boasted of were non-existent. Even Google couldn’t find a trace of them.

The Top 15 Startup Accelerators In India


A compiled list of the Top 15 most active startup accelerators in India with their funding ranges, equity terms and focus areas.

Top 28 CoWorking Spaces In India


This is a comprehensive list of the top 28 most active startup coworking spaces in India along with services offered and commercials involved.

NextBigWhat Betting On Fake Social Media Reach, Is This Ethical?


The article questioned whether the fake reach that the self-proclaimed “India’s Biggest Platform For Tech Entrepreneurs” aka NextBigWhat achieved on social media within a couple of days is ethical or not

Tumse Na Ho Payega – Why You Will Never Become An Entrepreneur

Tumse Na Ho Payega - Why You Will Nnever Become An Entrepreneur

This article is a shared experience of a Business head, Biswaroop Padhi, about the present startup scenario in India and clubbing reasons why a salaried-person is not fit to be an entrepreneur.

The Top 20 Startup Incubators In India


This is a compilation of  top 20 startup incubators in India with  typical funding ranges, services offered and focus areas .

9 Startups That Flipkart Should Look To Buyout

flipkart should acquire-inc42

A list of 9 startups which could give the ecommerce giant, Flipkart, a hard time. They should give a thought upon acquiring them as they could be tough competitors apart from Snapdeal and Amazon.

10 Things You Have To Tolerate If Your BF Is An Entrepreneur

bf is a entrpreneur-inc42

This is a 10 point article written by Bluegape’s Sahil Baghla on what an Indian girl would have to tolerate if her BF is a startup founder.

The Not So Glamorous Startup Life In Indian Accelerators In GIF’s

life at acceleratir

This article reveals how an Entrepreneur survives through every phase after his\her startup comes to life. This articles talks about more than the general perception of common people about a entrepreneur and about how the real-world problems are tackled.

Was Banning Uber In India A Conspiracy?


Uber was banned after a case of alleged rape of a passenger which was followed by a series of revelations regarding lack of safety measures and violation of regulations. On the flip side it is likely that the ban was a well planned move by some of the older players. The article takes a strong stand against Banning the Radio taxi booking app Uber and other taxi hiring apps and questions the government’s stand on the ban.

IIT Ranks 4th In Top 50 Universities For VC-Backed Entrepreneurs


With startups being all the craze, here is a list of all the universities that produced the most VC-backed founders and companies. IIT which was at number 10 in last year’s ranking bagged the 4th position with an entrepreneur count of 264, company count of 205 and capital raised at $3.15Bn. The trend is catching on in management institutes too.

12 Must Watch Movies For Entrepreneurs

movies entrepreneurs

To all the movie buffs out there here is a list of movies which will give you useful insights in life on an Entrepreneur. To the entrepreneural community these movies will instill you with motivation and recreation.

7 Indians Who Made It Big In The US

satya nadella

After flooding US with doctors and engineers we Indians have proved our mettle in technology as well. With 1.3Bn people comes 1.3Bn ideas. This article lists how 7 Indian Tech maestros holding great positions abroad in well established tech companies made it big in the U.S.

From Zero To Fifty: How AdPushup Closed $632K In Angel Investment


Ad Revenue optimization platform, AdPushup, takes you through the whole process of fundraising along with required strategies and shares its experience of raising $632K investment from 50 angels .

Here’s Why India Is Going To Be The Next Silicon Valley!

silicon valley

Amidst all this startup frenzy India is not lagging behind and has the potential of becoming the next Silicon Valley. A listed proof seconding the statement as 4 major metropolitan cities are listed in top 25 startup cities.

15 Must Watch Documentaries For Entrepreneurs


After compiling a list of must watch movies we have compiled a list of must watch documentaries that an entrepreneur must watch. Leaving aside the fact whether you are bootstrapping your startup or seeking for angel investors, these documentaries have exclusive takeaways for every entrepreneur.

6 Ecommerce Startups That Ratan Tata Should Look To Invest In

ratan tata

Increased internet penetration and growing preference amongst people to shop online were trending this year, attracting many business tycoons such as the owner of $103Bn valued Tata conglomerate to invest in ecommerce startups Snapdeal and Bluestone. Following the trend we suggested a few more ecommerce startups that Ratan Tata should think of investing in.

Gaana Vs Saavn – Who’ll Become The Spotify Of India?

gaana and saavn

War of the music apps took a different turn when Gaana released its new version. Though both apps stream music, difference arose in terms of UI. Saavn has a clutter-free user interface whereas Gaana boasts of sharp black theme. Music streaming service of both apps are equally good but Saavn’s 10 seconds advertisements can be annoying at times. See who wins when stacked up against each other!

The Evolution Of The Indian Taxi Market – Comparing The Biggies


With the taxi culture gearing up in the country over the past 6-7 years, the Indian radio taxi market alone is evaluated at $6-$9 Bn and is forecasted to grow at 17-20% annually. Here we delineate the evolution of the organized taxi market in different phases and the future scope along with a comparison amongst the big taxi companies as per their market share .

10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be An Entrepreneur

it sucks to be a entreprneur

The rage among college kids to startup while in college is at an all time high and they believe it is easy to work on one’s own terms and conditions. We have compiled a list of caveats about an entrepreneur’s life which take you through the startup culture’s do’s and don’ts and will prove to be an eye opener for many .

7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship In The 20’s Is Beneficial


Everything has its downsides as well as upsides. After listing the former we bring to you why it is luring to today’s youth who enjoy a sense of authority and here are reasons why it is beneficial to begin your startup in 20’s.

Are Angel Investors God’s Stupidest Creations?

angel investor

For all those startups and founders who’ve had encounters with many of the self proclaimed “angel investors”, Ajeet Khurana, one of India’s top angel investors, hilariously compiled a list of things angel investors are guilty of.

Incorporating A US Company As A Foreign National


India is not exactly the most business friendly country in the world. This has pushed many startups to register themselves as a US company opening up options of equity crowdfunding, access to the valley, recurring payments and more. Here we enlist the “Steps of incorporating As A Foreign National “ authored by the CEO/Co-founder at mYwindow, Nikunj Agarwal.

Are Entrepreneurs Becoming Style Icons?

Ruzwana Bashir

Gone are the days when tech entrepreneurs used to come classy in ties and coats. The present generation of entrepreneurs doesn’t seem to conform with that anymore, they prefer sticking within their comfort zone wearing casuals and building billion dollar enterprises.

Top 10 Hottest Global Startup Destinations

hot startup destinations

A startup’s place of establishment does matter in building a global startup. In this article, Ravi Kikan, a leading startup growth hacker, unveiled the top 10 destinations for the aspiring entrepreneurs to build out their startups.

15 US Universities That Are Going To Be The Next Gen Startup Garages


Well, the pace at which the young folks from big universities are shifting their focus from working for other big MNCs to working for themselves, it seems quite inevitable that in the upcoming years we might as well see the universities turn into startup garages.

Inc42 brings to you the top 15 universities that are on their path to become the next gen startup garages.

Product Hunt Is Everywhere – This Is How It Got There


Product Hunt is now THE place to discover the “next big things” in tech. Ryan Hoover, it’s founder himself, shares his learnings and articulates a set of tactics that could be useful for aspiring entrepreneurs succeed early in their field. Running one of the most followed website isn’t easy and these tactics could help any startup in building out a massive following.

Stay Tuned For More in 2015. 🙂

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