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12 Traits Of A Startup Person

12 Traits Of A Startup Person

You are average of the five people you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn.

Startups are a home to crazy misfits and when you daily spend eight hours with this rebellious breed, it brings out a specific aura to your personality. We have already talked a lot about traits etc. of entrepreneurs and startup founders, this time we bring  you some common traits which make an employee a startup employee.

Here are the 12 traits that every startup person lives with:

Your idea of small talk is Zomato’s 9 acquisitions in 9 months

All your coworkers are talking about it, so it’s naturally the first thing that comes in your mind.

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You’re more interested into startups’ tweet battle than Indian Politics.

Deepinder Goyal calling Rahul Yadav, the Arvind Kejriwal of startup world is so much more interesting than the 100 days of Kejriwal in Delhi.

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Meeting your company’s CEO does not include knocking the door, because they are always right next to you.

At startups, people are valued by their capabilities and not by the cabins they sit in.

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Falling ill does not mean a day off, it means work from home

Falling ill is a human constraint, but there is hardly any stopping to a person who love his work.

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You think google docs is the best technology ever

The simple leverage of working simultaneously on a draft, spreadsheet or a presentation, sounds magic to you.

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Wearing anything to office, is totally reasonable

No one want clothes to come in their way to awesomeness and formals are doing just that.

men in shorts

Your happiest day is when your company raises fund, not when your paycheck arrives

Everyone in a startup team works to build a great company and when investors show trust in that vision, life seems so much brighter than the time they get paychecks.

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The number of Bean Bags is greater than the number of desks at your office.

Because comfort brings out creativity.

bean bag
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Office hours are defined by the amount of work, rather than the position of clock.

It’s the work you want to do today instead of the time you need to sit in the office.

clock gof
Via  xda-developer

You laugh at your cousins and friends who work restlessly in Infosys, Wipro and bla bla

They are hustling with  harsh deadlines and you are eating popcorn over your work table.

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You Love Meritocracy, Who Gives Shit To Politics

Because, it’s the talent that counts, not the buzz you create

fuck off
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You are more worried about your peers at work than perks of work

Working with your future co-founder is far more preferable than the extra dollar earned.