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Kevin Kruse

Kevin Kruse


Kevin Kruse is an Inc 500 serial entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author. His latest book is 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, which is based on interviews with 239 entrepreneurs.

Why Startups Should Have No Rules

We know that almost all rules and policies have bad outcomes so we need to replace rules with other means…

How To Maximise Productivity In An Open Office Culture

You need to take matters to your own hands and control both your external and internal environment.

Be Smart While Choosing Your Most Important Daily Task

Is it time to rethink the wisdom of important goal setting? We’ve all been taught the value of setting goals…

Why Most Company Rules Have Bad Outcomes

In my recent article, “Here’s Where Bad Company Rules Come From!,” I explored how rules and policies are created with…

How Entrepreneurs Can Change Their Psychology

For most of us, more time is not the answer, it’s about using the time we have more effectively.

Why Startup CEOs Need To Write A Book

If you want to go the indie route, how do you find editors, cover designers and get your book listed on Amazon and all the right websites?

Do What You Do Best And Outsource The Rest

When you outsource work to others, you free up the time you need to work on your passions

Here’s Where Bad Company Rules Come From !

Nobody creates rules that are dumb on purpose.

How To Manage Your Energy To Maximize Your Productivity

How can we get more stuff done with less stress?

Even Startups Have A History To Be Mined

Why do some brands appear so much more authentic than others? The quest for brand authenticity among marketers has become…

Founders Guide To Handle Confrontational Conversations

Would you like a powerful and lasting way to create fierce loyalty in any group setting? Do you want a master key to the hearts and minds of your next audience?

How Entrepreneurs Can Get More From Their Limited Sleep

Too many people are putting their physical and mental health at risk from their poor sleep habits.